Where do you currently live/make a positive difference: 

I live in Orlando FL (The City Beautiful) in USA, but I make a positive difference worldwide with clients and students all over the world, especially in Australia.

Tell me about the difference that you are making (project/charity/event/network etc.):

I show professional women how to feel strong, feminine and seductive in the presence of men and love helping them embrace their Queen status so they can attract and maintain a happy & juicy relationship with a high-caliber man. I also help women move away from toxic love to relationship bliss. I teach women to not only love their feminine self, but to also love men. I consider myself a Lipstick Feminist. Yes, that does exist. This is a woman who’s a staunch supporter of equal rights and equal pay, AND who’s proud to do it like a girl whom loves men. This is the essence of the Vixen Academy. Through my Love Goddess and Manifest Your Man Programs, women step into their Vixenhood. Being a woman who Vivacious, Intelligent, eXtraordinary, Empowered as well as Naughty and Nice. That’s a V.I.X.E.N.

Why have you chosen to make that difference – what motivated you to start that:

I believe the universe chose me to do this work. I was raised in a very conservative household. Sex was totally off limits replaced with the belief of guilt and shame. I couldn’t even date until I was 16 – had my first boyfriend at 18 (after graduating high school). Unfortunately, that was a very toxic relationship involving domestic violence, because I never saw an example of a healthy relationship. I was an introverted wallflower without a voice, both afraid (yet desperately wanting) attention.

I grew up and worked in corporate marketing for 25 years and although I was good at what I did, it wasn’t my passion. After having many false starts trying to figure out my next act in life, I got frustrated. After asking the universe to help me out, 3 weeks later, it did, with one word “Tantra”. I learned about Tantra (sacred sexuality) nearly 7 years earlier, but didn’t do anything with it. I was resistant at first because sex is such an emotionally charged subject filled with taboos and judgments. I was uncomfortable with this, but a trusted friend I confided in said, “You asked the Universe and you got your answer. So either you follow in faith because the Universe knows you can handle it. Or, you stay where you are AND DON’T COMPLAIN!”  Her level of honesty stung a bit, but she was right. 18 months later I opened a sex-positive boutique and in 2 years, I got my sex coach certification.

How has doing this – changed your own life and view on the world:

Now I’m a proud introverted polyamory woman who’s a seductive Quiet Siren. Enjoying the love of men who treat me like a Queen. Going through my personal transformation, finding my voice and owning my worth revolutionized my life – going from “why not me” to “creating the life and lifestyle of my dreams”. From lonely in love to feeling an abundance of love from family, friends and romantic interests. From looking at the glass half empty, to embracing the fullness of life. From victim to abundance. This journey has taught me not to be judgmental. I learned that acceptance is what we all want on some level. Acceptance has the power to heal our heart, our sex lives, our relationships, our family, our community and ultimately the world.

So teaching women (and couples) how they can be authentically themselves is what leads to a juicy and joyful life. When you’re happy, you don’t have to put others down, you accept them. 

I knew if I could do it, many other women could as well.  

Why do you think this important for people to know about/do:

If we want to heal the world, you start by healing yourself first. If you want to have harmony in your relationships, having harmony within your body (sex) and heart (love) is imperative. This is what being holistic truly is. If you want people to take you seriously, listen to you and cherish you, you have to be willing to do it for yourself first. You can’t expect the world to give you something, you’re not willing to give to yourself. 

Why do you think more people don’t get involved in something positive like this?

In 4 letters – FEAR. As people, we’re wired for connection and to be in community with each other. This ingrained “need” makes people do desperate things, like being what other people want them to be, so you can be accepted, versus being who they truly are. 

If you could go out and make a positive difference for a day with someone famous – who would it be and why? 😊 

Oprah Winfrey. Need I say more? She’s been a catalyst and connector around the world. She transcends race, gender and nationality. That’s what a change-agent does. 




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