Liz Almond - The Mind Shifter


Who Are you: Liz Almond a.k.a The Mindset Shifter - from Insightful Minds

Where do you currently live/make a positive difference: I live in Maidstone, Kent

Tell me about the difference that you are making in the world: 

Well, I am working with mid life professionals who are stuck, frustrated or unfulfilled and helping them to shift a life time of emotional baggage to help them feel healthier and happier. I specialize in mental health, menopause and money mindset. In fact, I have written a best selling book called Are you worth it? a spiritual guide to managing your money mindset. I want to change perceptions about spirituality and mental health as well as encouraging people to empower themselves by learning energy and mindset techniques. I am also partnering with the Menopause Café charity and run regular events to help individuals who are struggling to reconnect with the world. I hope I am saving lives through my wisdom in my book as well as working with individuals and groups.

Why have you chosen to make that difference – what motivated you to start that:

I personally experienced a landslide of traumatic events all within 2 years – a miscarriage, redundancy, failed IVF's, my husband got very sick, my mum died (cat died in the same week!), then my sister in law died and then my husband left me with £40,000 of debt not because he didn’t love me but because I couldn’t have his child. I almost took my own life as I felt so bad, but since I was trained in loads of amazing techniques - it seemed pointless throwing it all away. I decided to help others by using the techniques on myself to lift my depression and anxiety and to gain clarity on my life purpose. My mum, sister and brother in law have all been sectioned and had spells in mental hospitals & feel there is so much more we can be doing to help people that the medical approach isn’t set up to do. 

How has doing this – changed your own life and view on the world: 

My life has changed dramatically! I’m much happier. I am still sorting out the debt but life is very different. I have forgiven myself for the mistakes I have made and am now on the right route to sorting out my life through being positive. I realized everyone goes through hard times and appreciate that so much more now.

Why do you think this important for people to know about/do:

Because it will save lives. Everyone is seeking peace of mind outside of themselves due to the current counselling and psychotherapy model. They need to change their perceptions & look inwards. We have all the answers and mental health is closely linked to ‘spiritually awakening’ or your purpose in life. We get stressed when we don’t do what we love. Stress causes illness. When our bodies are at dis-ease rather than ease.

Why do you think more people don’t do something as positive as you:

I think because they have been traditionally taught that the doctor knows best. Doctors are struggling though. They are also suffering with their mental health too. The holistic/complementary therapy model needs to be professionalized and incorporated with medicine as science is proving spiritual methods such as gratitude, being kind to another, breath work, etc are helping people to be well again. I’m living proof. 

If you could go out and make a positive difference for a day with someone famous – who would it be and why:

I think Oprah is amazing. She has been on a massive journey of awakening and empowering others. I could learn so much from her and her validation stamp on what I’m trying to achieve would be amazing as it would empower so many people to change and to question whether they can heal themselves – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

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