In the hard times, it is difficult (or impossible) to be positive. You need to realize that this is just a moment in your life. I learned that surrounding myself with positive people created a contagious sense of happiness & belief which really helped me. Here are some truly positive people that can inspire you to keep going.

Positive People

The Power of Slowing Down


Meet Che. She is a positively optimistic ray of sunshine. She is a yoga guru, podcast queen & inspirational leader. Her Q&A focuses on the positive effects of some 'slow down' time.

No Means Keep Trying


Meet Sean. He is a superbly talented singer, actor and New York survivalist. His dreams are coming true day by day because he doesn't let 'No' stop him. His Q&A is about the strength to keep going.

What You Get from Giving


Meet Travis. He's a guy who will do anything to help someone else. He knows the world is full of opportunities to make a difference. His Q&A is about how he finds his own happiness through helping.

Mental Health IS Medicine


Meet Liz. She is one of the strongest people you will ever meet. She went through two years of 'Hell' which shook her to her core. She never thought she could bounce back, but she did!

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